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WalleTours. Decentralized cryptocurrency created and directed to the whole community of tourists

Now tourism is in the Blockchain

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Smart Services

Walletours will provide an intelligent service to all tourists, for their better development in transfer and payments to different needs. In addition it will be allowed to exchange everything in a single node fiat money to cryptocurrency (WTS) and payments to fully digitized hotels

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WALLETOURS offers a solid service under intelligent blockchain contracts

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WALLETOURS will allow all tourists to make payment transfers for their different needs

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With this implementation, WTS can be exchanged for fiat money, using smart contracts

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The supply of coins is 21 million WTS tokens and can be purchased at a discount in the pre-sale period.

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WALLETOURS will provide its own decentralized wallet to secure its digital assets through smart contracts

What is WalleTours ?

Walletours is a decentralized cryptocurrency, created and directed for all of the tourist community, that make different trips worldwide with an end of needs from one place to another.

Today tourism is one of the most important industries worldwide and promotes trips of all kinds: For rest purposes, cultural reasons, social interest, business or simply for leisure.

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How WalleTours Work


Hernan Limachi

CEO and Founder. Expert in development and investments

Edwin Limachi

CEO and co-founder

Ramiro Luque Chino

CEO and founder and project manager. Tiene una trayectoria en desarrolo de negocios, marketing e inversor

Victor Apaza

CEO and Founder. Expert in digital marketing









Walletours will initiate the development of the project, decentralized Exchange + Atomic Swap, in June 2018


The cryptocurrency evolves at an accelerated pace and we must ensure that blockchain technology can keep pace.
This is an integral initiative, which combines cutting-edge technological excellence in WALLETOURS and the best of the community to once again push blockchain technology.
The objective of this project is to incorporate Atomic Swap a decentralized exchange with a focus on speed and capacity, or more precisely, a blockchain of low latency and high performance.

What is Atomic Swap?

Atomic Swap is a technology that allows two people to exchange different cryptocurrencies / tokens without the risk of one of the parties breaking the deal. But the best part is that this exchange between the parties involved can happen safely without relying on a third party or an administrator with a very small commission. Also with the assurance that the two parties will get a fair deal without risk to one disappears with your digital asset of the other person.
For that technology is based on intelligent contracts to ensure that neither party can be cheated. If one of them does not receive what corresponds, it is returned to your account.

This new technology is called atomic (atomic in Spanish) because the exchange is integer / indivisible, unlike that which occurs in an exchange or in the exchanges administered in deposits as they are currently known.
To summarize, when participating in an atomic exchange, the exchange will occur and both parties will receive their respective currencies or the exchange will not take place at all. In other words, there are no average terms involved in the execution of the atomic transaction.
Atomic Swaps are sometimes called cross-chain atomic swaps, since two different cryptocurrencies that are in different chains can be exchanged atomically without the need of a trusted third party and in favor with a very strong commission. reduced by this service.

This is the approach of WALLETOURS to bring a modern technology to the global user.

Mainnet/Swap de WALLETOURS, May 2019

Blockchain WALLETOURS.

token erc20

WalleTours Roadmap

Our team works every day to be able to meet the dates established in the roadmap

Q2 2017

Development of the system web de Walletours

Aug-Sep, 2017

Creation of the protocol ERC20, using the Ethereum network

Nov-Dec, 2017

Initial offer of currency (ICO Crowdsale) of the WTS tokens to the public

Jan-Feb 2018

Promotion launch by registration and affiliate

March 28, 2018

Official incorporation of the WTS token to Etherdelta

June 15, 2018

List more exchange Yobit and Coinexchange

June 30, 2018

Start of development of the DEX of Walletours

Oct 01, 2018

Implementation of wallet for IOS and Android operating systems

Nov 15, 2018

Marketing to be known worldwide

May, 2019

Mainnet/Swap de WALLETOURS